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NW Team Update: Jan 2021, Shout-Out Edition!!!

Hi, everyone! I hope this message finds you well.

While 2020 was obviously challenging on a number of levels, it was also a blessing in many ways.

They say that “Adversity doesn’t build character. It reveals it.” What was revealed last year is what an amazing team of people we work alongside. Without exception, every single team is the strongest it’s ever been.

I asked some of our team leads to give some shout-outs by name. (Apologies for any misspellings, please feel free to correct in the comments.)

If the mood strikes, feel free to give additional shout-outs in the comments below.

———Abby would like to give a shout-out to:———

Alendy, you are fierce, strong and get the job done! I appreciate your hard work and dedication and especially the awesome playlist blasting throughout outbound. Music motivates your team!

Christina, no one prints tickets faster than you. You make sure the pickers have everything they need to meet the goal. I also love to see your cool drawings on the dry erase board.

Laura and Damarys, the inbound queens!! You two make everything run smoothly and you always have a great attitude. You always make your department feel special. Not just on holidays but everyday. Plus you have good snacks.

Benjamin, I appreciate your daily question to me “Is there anything you need?” You make sure we have what we need and that we have a safe environment.

Theo, you keep outbound support rocking and rolling. Having you and the support team in outbound makes all the difference in production.

Meredith, I have great respect for your leadership and vision. We all appreciate your guidance. It inspires and motivates us to do better everyday.

Rachel, tackling the benefits and getting it done so quickly is amazing. We wouldn’t be where we are in this process without you.

———Ben would like to give a shout-out to:———

Dima, Marat, Elmira, Joe, Mikhail, the veterans on the engineering team, for being such a joy to work with while also super talented.

Elena, Francisco, Han, Nazarii, JuliaYou, the data gurus on the team, for describing to us people walking through The Matrix, while all the rest of us see are 0s and 1s.

Xavier, Dmitry, Miha, for bringing senior leadership to the team for 2021 and beyond!

Sascha and Rosemarie, for being my trusted right hands on so many things.

Lemuel, Grant, and Eric, for keeping us in line with our crazy ideas.

Nadine, thanks for being the inspiration.

Lan and Haley, for photos of Lotus!!

———Carl would like to give a shout-out to:———

Sidney, for always exercising my neurons! HAHAHA

Jirces and the whole Save Cancel Gang, Shout-out for always being so flexible! Being game, trying out new stuff, rendering OTs! Looking after each other. You’re a great team!

Janelle and the Refund Team, ugh, probably the most stressful bit of CS! Thank you for being cool! This team is gonna fly higher.

Meredith, shout-out for all the support!

Marvin, shout-out for always trying to download that tableau data for me HAHAH

Zarah and the QA team, nice police work! lol

Elena, for the 5 minute magic!

Dmitry and Joe, for putting up with my requests! πŸ™‚

Phone team – Jaimee, Joyce, Car, Joan, for being responsible and not giving me any headache even when I’m busy with other stuff. Thanks for being so flexible! Working on stuff I ask you to. πŸ™‚

Jaymie, for taking care of the new hires like their mommy lol! Seriously, be equipping them with your expertise!

Janis, for taking care of the non-specialists (that doesn’t mean you aren’t special tho!) We’ll do more!

Fleriza, for the non-stop screening and interviews whenever needed, literally just a ping a way!

———Elaine would like to give a shout-out to:———

Sidney, for teaching me how to read reports and honing my skills. Come visit when the pandemic is over PLEASE! I’ll have a boombox blasting OLD Dominion in the airport as we welcome your arrival! πŸ™‚

Ben, I love how focused you are with talent improvement- Thank you for MASTERCLASS! Come back and visit soon πŸ™‚

Marvin, for having my back and making me feel secure 100% πŸ™‚ You’re definitely a bro πŸ™‚

Meredith, for having a great sense of humor and being my soul sister πŸ™‚ COME VISIT SOON! (when the pandemic is over) Let’s go have some wine and cheese and chill.

Emmie and the Buying team, for always being patient with explaining buying processes to me and listening to our feedback on items and what not. Emmie, your smile also brings so much comfort, I remember how comfortable you made me feel as if we have known each other for so long. (even if I was freaking out about the read out in front of Ben!)

Anna, the fact that you love pretty things definitely shows, our NW jewelry variations are so much cuter! πŸ™‚

Roselle, for calling me out on intricate details I miss out on πŸ™‚ and for also getting my humor and making me feel so welcome in NW when I just started. 

The Quality team, thank you for putting up with my eccentricities, you ladies all have the heart of leaders. Keep shining!

Styling team, you ladies work crazy hard and are always up for the challenge not just with work but even with our silly competitions here and there. We are definitely lucky to have such a talented pool of fashionistas!

Mia, for your wit and your ability to learn quickly little one πŸ™‚ and for agreeing to be the bad cop from time to time lol

Henrietta, for your leadership skills and being my go to person when I want to discuss how to build talent from within. I also appreciate how open you are to coaching.

Carl, Zarah and the CS team, customer service is a tough job ( been there!) Thank you for always making our customers feel special – People will soon forget what you said. They will NEVER forget how you made them feel.

Fleriza, I don’t know how you do it girl! You run your own Youtube vlog but you are also able to do so much while working alone in NW’s HR department, Kudos! I’m so glad you’re here πŸ™‚ 

Admin Team, Bernard! You have definitely made life easier for us in Styling, Thank you for being open to feedback πŸ™‚

———Emmie would like to give a shout-out to:———

Buying team, thank you so much team for working hard and smart! Thank you for your patience and doing your best to follow our buying rules, especially during the times when we had to implement process changes. I am amazed by how you guys have improved. Our team still has a long way to go and I will strive to make you reach your full potential. Thank you for bearing with me, I myself still have so much to learn and I am so grateful that you are the people I am with in this journey πŸ™‚

Sidney, thank you so much for initiating the process change last year, it made things better and more efficient for the buying team! I am and will always be thankful for the role you entrusted me πŸ™‚

Ben, thank you for always giving us opportunities to learn and be better in what we do! πŸ™‚

Meredith, this may sound cheesy but I just wanna say, you are one of the reasons why I made it through 2020! Thank you!! <3

Marvin, I am beyond grateful for having a very supportive brother. Words will not be enough to thank you. I will just strive to be a better sister and a more responsible person πŸ˜€

Elaine and styling team, thank you styling team for helping us in times of need! Mia, Henrietta, Roselle, and the rest of the stylists who helped us played a big part in looking for vendors, picking, and doing data entries πŸ™‚ Elaine, thank you so much for all the advice, may it be work related or adulting I look up to you and if I could have just half of your leadership skills, that would be amazing!

Laura and receiving team, thank you Laura and receiving team for all the hard work and for assisting the buying team in all ways possible! <3

Fleriza, thank you for always answering my questions despite your busy schedule! πŸ™‚

———Henrietta would like to give a shout-out to:———

Elaine, for being my mentor since 2011. Cheers to greater years ahead!

Roselle, the silent current. I know you’re a force to reckon with.

Mia, my tandem from styling to buying to CS and now leading. You rock!

KC, the perfect wingwoman. Your talent knows no boundaries. Let’s do great things together!

Daisy, the perfectionist! Your eye for detail amazes me.

Shirley, Pam & Vina, the wind beneath my wings Auditors. You represent!

Diane, Kathleen, Bryan, my Lovesick girls! Go KPOP!

Fhebie & Angela, our pretty muses!

Cristina, Monique, & Kristin, the hard-working smarty gals!

———Janelle would like to give a shout-out to:———

CS Shift 1, for all your hard work and patience especially when the queue is high during our shift. I appreciate your resilience and for being so responsive when you are asked to work on our tickets as quickly as you can. You are all awesome. Lots of love! ♥

Refunds Specialists: Charles, Donna, Kevin, I know your tasks are very challenging, but I didn’t hear even a single complaint from you. This goes to show how dedicated and passionate you are with your roles. With that, you deserve a virtual hug! My way of saying thank you for all your efforts and hard work. To more OTs! (*giggles) Love you, team!

Jaymie, Janis, and Jirces, you guys are the best. From the start, you were my back up, you were always there to listen and to support. I couldn’t imagine my Nadine West journey without you, gals. Thank you for the years of being the best colleagues and friends. Love you! ♥

Jaymie, special one for you, coz you are so special to my/our hearts, your SMEs. We just love the way you take care of us. You are the most considerate, loving, and understanding leader. You just simply make things easy for us! We couldn’t ask for more. Love you!

QA team, TL Zarah, KC, and Marianne, for being the best coaches to our agents. Because of you, everyone’s tasks became easier and organized. You have improved us a lot, not just the agents but also the CS leadership team. We appreciate you so much. Hugs! ♥

Carl, for the trust, understanding, and patience. You were always there when we needed you. You made us feel we always have someone to lean on when things get rough and when we are on the verge of confusion. Stay the way you are and more accomplishments to CS with your leadership! (*fist bump)

———Janis would like to give a shout-out to:———

CS Shift 3, For always being on time, hard work, patience and understanding on our shift (time) Thanks for all the efforts. Kudos!!!

Non Save Team, For being attentive and appreciating all the feedback given to them. Keep it up. πŸ™‚

Jaymie, you’re the best! πŸ™‚ Thanks for being understanding, always there for me (even on her RD lol), and for being a cool leader! πŸ™‚

Jaymie, Janelle and Jirces, lovely girls!!! Thanks for all the support and best colleagues you can count on through ups and downs. All the best!

Carl, Zarah, KC and Marianne, for always there for us, understanding and patience! For support and guidance!:) Thanks for the hard work and for being awesome!!! πŸ™‚

———Jaymie would like to give a shout-out to:———

Jaymie, Janis, and Jirces, like I always say: You ladies are the bomb! I know that I can always count on you no matter what. We are SOLID! Appreciate all your work, keep it up! πŸ™‚

QA team, TL Zarah KC, and Marianne, thanks for doing the police work ladies! lol We appreciate you! πŸ™‚

Zarah, thanks TL for teaching me lots of things! Cheers to more evals! lol. You are the best! πŸ™‚

Carl, hey you, I don’t know how you do it but thanks for sharing your skills and helping us always! Stay awesome!

CS Shift 1, 2 and 3, You guys are the best! Appreciate the hard work!

———Jirces would like to give a shout-out to:———

Jaymie, FOR EVERYTHING! You inspire me to be a better version of myself-it’s so hard to imagine our team and my life without you. Labyew to the moon and back! 😗

Jaymie, Janis and Janelle, for being a supportive colleague and for always being there for me. These lovely ladies make the day feel less stressful and fill a bit of fun at work. I am so glad to be part of this awesome team. 😍

Zarah, Carl, Marianne and KC, For standing with us during all the ups and downs. Cheers to ourselves! ♥

Save Cancel Team, all the efforts you put in to deliver excellent work. You ladies blow me every day with your dedication. Keep rising! Kudos! ♦

———Meredith would like to give a shout-out to:———

Abby, thank you for being so dedicated to creating a calm, consistent, and fair workplace. And your hilarious quips. We’re lucky to have you.

Stephanie, thank you for so diligently herding all of us alley cats. We’re a crazy bunch, but you keep us in touch with what should be happening so well! Thank you!

Laura and Damarys, you all make unglamorous work look sexy. And you do it with a smile (I think, I mean, tough to say with these masks). I know I can always depend on you to get the job done. Even if your eyes bug out of your head at me when I make fresh requests.

Alendy and Christina, you all provide such swagger and dependability to daily production. You make stretch goals look easy. Nobody I’d rather have by my side in war times or peace times.

Benjamin and Theo, if y’all weren’t in the building, would it be still standing? Def not. Thank you for keeping us safe (mostly from ourselves, lol) and happy!

Emmie and the Buying team, remember that time I didn’t skype you with 1,000 questions? Me neither. Thank you for your calm, thorough, and patient ways of working. I feel so lucky that I can trust you have thought through every rule and precedent before we proceed with a new order or process. Thank you!

Elaine and the styling team, you introduced me to viber, and I’ve never looked back. Thank you for quietly shouting at me, and making sure I pay attention. It is all too easy to neglect a team that runs so flawlessly, but I am so glad to have had the time to water this garden, because y’all are flourishing! And your gif game is 100.

Carl and Marvin, thank you for putting up with me asking the same questions 1,000 different ways. Your steady hands, patience, and ability to see the whole chess board is such a vital skill. Thank you!

Customer Service, you all handled so much, so quickly, and never missed a beat. Customers are happy, we’re all happy, and things are thriving. Thank you for weathering a storm and making it look easy.

Elena, thank you for keeping me in line. I’d be in a ditch without you.

Rachel, thank you for diving head first into the benefits and compliance. You got us buttoned up like nobody else could! We really appreciate it!

———Mia would like to give a shout-out to:———

Shiela, 5amer VIP stylist survivor

Angela, thank you for always trying your luck! You made it!

Dayanara and Charmaine, for always supporting and cheering your team mates on. The styling team cheerleaders

Daisy & Shirley, thank you for your never ending patience and more patience with me HAHAHA

Angelie, proactive award goes to you! Your ideas are always welcome!

Roselle, for always laughing with me and brightening things up.

Henrietta, Beshy!!! The 2 Musketeers 😜

Kristin, Mae, Kathleen, annyeonghaseyo! Shout out to my Seoul sisters for putting up with my craziness any time of the day!

Monique & Fhebie, for always being game and ready to help me even when your so busy 🤗

Patricia, thank you for always overcoming the challenges you encounter- Tita Mia HAHAHAHAHAHA

Elaine, ummm……. don’t worry I didn’t do anything. Lol You’re our northern star. Hug hug kiss kiss big kiss little hug

Emmie and the Buying team, definitely felt right at home with all the buying peeps!

The Styling Team, for embracing all the challenges and difficulties we encounter and still coming out strong. We’re in this together HAHAHA

———Roselle would like to give a shout-out to:———

Styling team, I love you all

Buying, Warehouse team, Thank you for all the hard work, assistance and teamwork.

———Zarah would like to give a shout-out to:———

Carl, thanks for doing what you do. We are right behind your back.

Jaymie, thanks for helping me from the beginning up to now. For sharing your time to brainstorm on what to escalate next to Carl. LOL

Marvin, you make things sound lighter Marvin. Thanks, I owe you a lot!

Marianne, your attention to details helped us improve our overall processes.

KC, you are the life of the party KC. Thanks for helping me understand millennial terms.

SME Team, never heard any of you complain about anything. Thank you guys for your dedication.

CS Team, these bunch are my babies. We needed to go through a lot of changes and made it through everything. You guys are all awesome!

Ben, Sidney and Meredith, thanks for your support to help us in every step of the way.

Elaine, thanks for coming up with R&R ideas for the Styling and CS Team! Also, thanks for listening to my craziness!



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