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Date archive for: February 2017

Check Out The New Warehouse!

After about a year at our current warehouse, we finally ran out of space.  So this week, we moved to a new warehouse; it’s got double the floor space and triple the overhead space!!

It took the team only 2 days to move all inventory and set up our space.  We were ready to start shipping by the third day.  Amazing!!

More amazing is how quickly we have grown over the past year!!  This is the best team I have EVER been a part of!  Love you guys!! 

The marketing team has been on fire recently, signing up tons of new customers.

The buying team has really come through, getting their hands on great inventory at great prices.

The styling team has been so reliable, doing a great job of matching inventory with customer style profiles.

The warehouse team has been world-class; not only for their reliability but for their continuous improvement.

The engineering team is simply incredible; almost nothing is impossible with Damir and Elmira.

And finally, to close the loop, the customer service team has been bringing so many smiles to customer’s faces with their friendliness, authenticity, and their sense of humor.

Here are some pics!

Our very first warehouse, circa May 2014. Sidney and Ben would pack and ship…up to 5 orders a day. Lol.
Getting pretty crowded at the old warehouse. Time to move.
Sidney and Lan in front of jewelry racks at old warehouse.
Michael wrapping up things at the old warehouse.
All gone. Old warehouse.
Keiko says he will miss the team very much!
New warehouse. Before.
Part of the new warehouse was for cage fighting classes.
Much more head room at the new warehouse.
5+ loads in this Uhaul truck.
Dan doing work. Demolition work at the new warehouse.
The dynamic duo.
Look at this mess in the new warehouse. How will we ever clean up?
Monica’s kids helping out.
Lots of inventory. Ready to be unpacked.
Michelle and Shannon #selfie. New warehouse.
Michelle two-step dancing in the new office.
Cowboys. Superbowl-bound in 2018.

Thank You Wonderful Styling Team

Wonderful Styling Team,

Hopefully you got a note and a gift card in the mail by now.  Sidney and I want to let you know how much we appreciate your efforts.  While our development team and operations teams are in constant transition, as we improve, experiment, and adjust, we have always been able to rely on you ladies to consistently assemble outfits that our customers love.  Thank you so much!

–Ben and Sidney