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NW Team Update: February 2020

Hi Team!

These past few months, we have been trying to figure out how to keep everyone updated about all things Nadine West. Since our awesome team members are scattered all over the planet, knowing what’s happening to each and everyone brings us closer.

We dusted off our old company blog and started posting articles. 

Every month, we’ll put together a digest and call it our monthly newsletter. Here’s our first monthly newsletter. 

NW Team Update: Feb 2020

1.  How did we start Nadine West? 

For those of you who are not yet familiar with our history, read on and find out how Nadine West came about. 

2. The Nadine West Way 

Some operating principles have helped us build Nadine West into what it is now. And this is something we feel is really important. We call on everyone to take a look at these principles and use them as well.

3. What’s the plan for 2020?

This year, it’s all about further improving our systems. Would love for us to double in size by December, but how we get there is more important.

4. February Celebrations

Find out who are celebrating their birthdays and anniversaries this month so you can send them your warmest wishes!

Thanks for being the best team ever!!

–Ben and Sid

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