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Welcome to Nadine West


Our mission is to build a great company and spread happiness and fun to our customers!!  We want to build a company that employees love to work for and customers love to buy from.  We want to make our customers smile every time they open their mailboxes and see a bright pink package waiting for them!  Thank you for being a part of this!  WELCOME!!


2013: After hearing his fiance, Nadine, complain about shopping being a necessary hassle in order to have the clothes she loved, Sidney Williams thought there must be a better way! Curiosity lead Sidney and Nadine to research the possibility of a personal stylist and also lead to complete shock at the going rate. Who could afford that? A personal shopper was a reality for very few women, but the pair agreed that the need existed for the everyday girl.

Sidney recognized that a market existed and the solution was simple — create a personal styling service using the internet to reach ladies just like Nadine. Enlisting the help of his friend, Ben Munoz, they published a simple WordPress site to begin collecting customer style preferences, shipping details, and payment information. To their amazement, with just a little advertising customers began to sign up. This was all the validation they needed to confirm the market wanted this service! The guys bought a little bit of inventory, printed up some return labels, added some actual stamps inside the package for returns, and sent them off in super boring brown mailers. And so it started.

2014: Sidney and Ben continued to tinker with the business model — improving the web site, hiring some help, sourcing inventory, and streamlining logistics. They had all the technical and operational details handled but knew they were missing an important piece in connecting with their customer base and making the business something awesome. Ben’s good friend, Shalon Whitgob, was enlisted for some advice and soon joined the team as their secret weapon; a woman’s perspective, knowledge, and voice. (Hallelujah, the team was now in play!)

With Shalon on board, she was able to inject her heart, soul, and personality into the brand. It’s her vision to spin basic fashion into a way to highlight happiness as a key to making all women feel confident and beautiful. Ben and Sidney continued to thrive with the warehouse and tech aspects, while Shalon focused on connecting with customers, creating a happy team culture, and making the customer experience fun.

By April 2014, it had become clear that Nadine West had the opportunity to be wildly successful and to fill a need in the personalized styling service market. Ben made the big decision to leave medical school, move to Austin, and help Sidney and Shalon scale the company.

Within the next six months, Nadine West was officially incorporated, friends and family contributed $50k to move the operations from Sidney’s apartment to a small office space, and the business continued to grow. Over the holiday season the three amigos watched as shipping volume grew, and their hard work began to make the vision a reality.

Now: The past two years experience has allowed the team to find focus, establish the brand, and create a reputation as an affordable, and super fun, personal styling service.

Shalon Whitgob, Chief Happiness Officer
Ben Munoz, CEO
Sidney Williams, COO


Making customers smile is what we do
Making customers smile is what we do


Our very first warehouse (summer 2014)


Sidney preparing a shipment
Sidney preparing a shipment (summer 2014)


Sidney, Ben, and Balto handing out flyers to spread the word
Sidney, Ben, and Balto handing out flyers in downtown Austin (summer 2014)


Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 1.19.53 PM
Our current warehouse (summer 2015)


One of our uber-friendly models, Raphina Austin
One of our uber-friendly models, Raphina Austin




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