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NW Team Update: May 2020

Hi Team,

(We didn’t mention COVID in this team update since our operations are mostly back to normal — however, please, please continue to stay safe, maintain social distance, and protect your elderly relatives.  Now on to the regular monthly update.)

Nadine West is very different. We have a lean, mean (and friendly!!!) warehouse and a large online (remote) team. We love that combination. However, one possible downside is that the team doesn’t get to interact with everyone in person. Many of our team members work remotely and we only chat with them online.

In this team update, we would like to highlight our online team, the different departments it comprises, and the tasks of each member. 

We also included here the result of our member engagement survey that was conducted last quarter. Each of these links below goes to our team blog. Cheers!!

1. The Nadine West Online Team

Get a glimpse of the different departments in our online team and their role in our company.

2. Remote Work at Nadine West

How did we start our remote teams and what digital products and platforms are crucial to our work? Read on to find out.

3. First Quarter Member Engagement Survey Result

Check out how our members feel about Nadine West based on the January-March 2020 survey.

4. May Celebrations

Here’s the list of our team members who are celebrating their birthdays and anniversaries so you can send them your greetings!

As always, huge thanks for being the best team ever!!

–Ben and Sid

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