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NW Team Update: Dec 2020

December closed out a spectacular year.
Please raise your glass for an enormous cheer.

How’d we do it? Deep work, systems focus, and humility.
With that combination, Nadine West is full of possibility.

This month’s achievements are too many to list,
But here are a few to give you the gist:

Engineers now have more time for creative discourses,
Thanks to the addition of two more resources.

That team welcomed Dmitry and Miha,
Coding savants that make us say “yee-haw!”

The warehouse’s big win was more improved processes,
Now our return’ers are speed demon goddesses.

Buying and styling’s big December story, 
Is the new customer exclusive inventory.

Sure there were times that turned our hair grey, 
But all of those challenges eventually made way,

For making new customers feel particularly happy, 
With dynamite styles that make them feel snappy.

Customer Service are our customers’ care givers.
Ensuring joy and delight with each package that delivers.

Response times hastened, happiness increased,
Inspiring achievements – at the very least.

Recruitment funneled more people than ever, 
Sacrificing quality, absolutely never.

And with that I’ll say,
At the end of the day:

Nadine West has the best team on Earth
Can’t wait to see what next month we birth.



By sharing all of your creativity!

The holiday spirit moved you, and that moved us.

Check out what Elaine and the incredible styling team put together!

The literal job of the warehouse is to make sure cheer and joy are delivered. And it is a lot easier to sprinkle magic in every package when there is some sprinkled all around you:

(Abby, Rachel, Alendy, Christina, Laura, Damarys, Benjamin, Theo)



Of course, we haven’t forgotten our members who are celebrating their birthdays and anniversaries this month. Send them your best wishes!



To everyone in our awesome Nadine West team around the world, we hope you’re enjoying the holiday season. And we wish everyone the best this coming year.

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