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¿Cuál es el plan para 2020?

Desde que comenzamos a brindar felicidad a nuestros clientes, uno de nuestros valores centrales siempre ha sido “centrarnos en el sistema, no en el puntaje”.

Esta es parte de la razón por la cual, como mencioné en nuestro mensaje de Navidad, nuestros equipos de hoy son los más fuertes que jamás hayan sido. Y continúan mejorando cada día más.

El plan para 2020, por lo tanto, es continuar mejorando nuestros sistemas. Si hacemos eso, el puntaje se encargará solo.

Entonces, si bien daré una proyección, cómo llegamos allí es realmente más importante.

Si no alcanzamos las proyecciones, pero descubrimos formas de trabajar de manera más eficiente, disminuimos los errores, reducimos el desperdicio y nuestros clientes están más contentos, entonces ESO ES UNA GANANCIA.

Si alcanzamos nuestras proyecciones, pero llegar allí significó muchos dolores de cabeza, estrés, tiempo extra y equipos grandes, entonces debemos evaluar si valió la pena.

El plan para 2020 es mejorar nuestros sistemas, eliminar el desperdicio, automatizar y hacer más en menos tiempo y con menos dolores de cabeza.

Me encantaría duplicar su tamaño para fines de 2020, pero lo que es más importante, me gustaría que cada uno de ustedes crezca profesionalmente y que los sistemas y procesos de nuestra empresa se fortalezcan como resultado.


Celebraciones de Febrero

¡¡Feliz aniversario!!

  • Verna Lou, Compras (5 de Febrero de 2019)
  • Shirley, Estilismo (6 de Febrero de 2017)
  • Selcalmel, Reclutamiento (11 de Febrero de 2019)
  • Henrietta, Estilismo (19 de Febrero de 2019)
  • Maria Kristina, Servicio al cliente (19 de Febrero de 2019)
  • Marat, Ingeniería y Ciencia de datos (28 de Febrero de 2017)
  • Irish, Estilismo (28 de Febrero de 2018)

¡¡Feliz cumpleaños!!

  • Jaimee Rose, Servicio al cliente (05 de Febrero)
  • Cherrylyn, Estilismo (09 de Febrero)
  • Maria Kristina, Servicio al cliente (20 de Febrero)
  • Donna, Servicio al Cliente (21 de Febrero)
  • Roselle Anne, Estilismo (26 de Febrero)
  • Shirley, Estilismo (28 de Febrero)

2019 in Pictures

Just like that, it’s 2020 already. Can you believe it?!

To make sure we have things to remind us of 2019, here are some photos taken last year.

We’re so lucky to have captured these moments.

And even though our marvelous team members are scattered all over the planet, we are still able to get together, have some face-time, and celebrate precious holidays.

So here they are, starting with the Austin Team.

Fourth of July Celebration

The Austin Team says hello to the rest of Nadine West members during its 4th of July celebration.

Ben’s visit to the Philippines

It’s really awesome that Ben goes the extra mile to get to know as many of our members. Last September, he had a nice chat with some of them in Olongapo, Philippines.

Halloween Party

Take a look at these lovely photos during the warehouse team Halloween Party. Aww…wish we could join you guys!

Christmas Celebrations

And of course, we are able to celebrate the holiday season together.

Here are some photos of the Russia team during Ben’s visit last December.

Some of the Philippine team members in Bacolod also met for the first time during the holidays.

Our warehouse team sure had some fun at the Christmas party.

Now, as 2020 starts, let’s keep on spending wonderful moments together.

And make sure to take lots of photos!

Some of us might not be able to meet everyone in person but it’s good to see each and everyone even in pictures. <3 <3 <3

January Celebrations

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary to Joyce of the Styling Team! Joyce joined Nadine West on January 7, 2018.

Happy Birthday!!

  • Caryll, Customer Service (January 05)
  • Vina Joyce, Styling (January 08)
  • Melissa, Customer Service (January 10)
  • Selcalmel, Recruitment (January 17)
  • Reann, Buying (January 19)
  • Joyce, Styling (January 22)
  • Marinella Dianne, Styling (January 23)
  • Stephanie, Warehouse (January 23)
  • Pamela, Styling (January 29)

Why does Nadine West exist?

When Sidney and I started Nadine West, it was always our goal to build something really special. We wanted to build the kind of company that customers would love, employees would love working for, and shareholders would be proud of.

When we started, our vision was not to build a great product, or to build a great service, but to build a great company. So we took a much different path than our competitors. 

While our competitors went out and raised as much money as possible, we raised only what we needed. While the other guys went out and focused on speed and growing as fast as possible, we focused on longevity and building something that would last.

And to make something last, we need to anchor our craft on a strong sense of purpose–something that will keep us moving even when the going gets tough.

So what is this driving force? What is the reason for our existence?

Well, you *might* think that we exist to send our customers personalized outfits at affordable prices. That’s true, but it’s not what we *really* do. 

Truth is, we deliver HAPPINESS to the everyday woman.

Our customers are busy women — trying to juggle work and kids, while also trying to find time for themselves to relax, watch their show on Netflix, and maybe meet up with friends and family a couple times a month. There just aren’t enough hours in the week.

Our job is to make sure they SMILE when they open their package and see what Pink Santa picked out for them this month. Our job is to make them smile with funny emails, FB posts, and text messages.

So every time a happy customer shares how wonderful she feels because of the outfit we curated for her, or the greeting card we sent, or the delightful customer support she has connected with, we know we are doing our job right and the work we’re putting in is worth it.

Hang In There, Houston

Huge thank you to the best warehouse team in all of Austin for putting together these “Welcome Kits” on Friday.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler asked Austin residents to create these welcome kits for our friends from Houston staying in Austin shelters until they are ready to return to Houston and begin recovery.

Hang in there, Houston!

We love you, Houston! Hang in there.

All loaded up and ready to drop off.

A couple dozen welcome kits for our friends from Houston.

Some words of encouragement from Nadine West.

The warehouse team (and mascot) wishing Houston the best.

Wrapped with love from Austin, TX.

Check Out The New Warehouse!

After about a year at our current warehouse, we finally ran out of space.  So this week, we moved to a new warehouse; it’s got double the floor space and triple the overhead space!!

It took the team only 2 days to move all inventory and set up our space.  We were ready to start shipping by the third day.  Amazing!!

More amazing is how quickly we have grown over the past year!!  This is the best team I have EVER been a part of!  Love you guys!! 

The marketing team has been on fire recently, signing up tons of new customers.

The buying team has really come through, getting their hands on great inventory at great prices.

The styling team has been so reliable, doing a great job of matching inventory with customer style profiles.

The warehouse team has been world-class; not only for their reliability but for their continuous improvement.

The engineering team is simply incredible; almost nothing is impossible with Damir and Elmira.

And finally, to close the loop, the customer service team has been bringing so many smiles to customer’s faces with their friendliness, authenticity, and their sense of humor.

Here are some pics!

Our very first warehouse, circa May 2014. Sidney and Ben would pack and ship…up to 5 orders a day. Lol.

Getting pretty crowded at the old warehouse. Time to move.

Sidney and Lan in front of jewelry racks at old warehouse.

Michael wrapping up things at the old warehouse.

All gone. Old warehouse.

Keiko says he will miss the team very much!

New warehouse. Before.

Part of the new warehouse was for cage fighting classes.

Much more head room at the new warehouse.

5+ loads in this Uhaul truck.

Dan doing work. Demolition work at the new warehouse.

The dynamic duo.

Look at this mess in the new warehouse. How will we ever clean up?

Monica’s kids helping out.

Lots of inventory. Ready to be unpacked.

Michelle and Shannon #selfie. New warehouse.

Michelle two-step dancing in the new office.

Cowboys. Superbowl-bound in 2018.

Thank You Wonderful Styling Team

Wonderful Styling Team,

Hopefully you got a note and a gift card in the mail by now.  Sidney and I want to let you know how much we appreciate your efforts.  While our development team and operations teams are in constant transition, as we improve, experiment, and adjust, we have always been able to rely on you ladies to consistently assemble outfits that our customers love.  Thank you so much!

–Ben and Sidney