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Why does Nadine West exist?

When Sidney and I started Nadine West, it was always our goal to build something really special. We wanted to build the kind of company that customers would love, employees would love working for, and shareholders would be proud of.

When we started, our vision was not to build a great product, or to build a great service, but to build a great company. So we took a much different path than our competitors. 

While our competitors went out and raised as much money as possible, we raised only what we needed. While the other guys went out and focused on speed and growing as fast as possible, we focused on longevity and building something that would last.

And to make something last, we need to anchor our craft on a strong sense of purpose–something that will keep us moving even when the going gets tough.

So what is this driving force? What is the reason for our existence?

Well, you *might* think that we exist to send our customers personalized outfits at affordable prices. That’s true, but it’s not what we *really* do. 

Truth is, we deliver HAPPINESS to the everyday woman.

Our customers are busy women — trying to juggle work and kids, while also trying to find time for themselves to relax, watch their show on Netflix, and maybe meet up with friends and family a couple times a month. There just aren’t enough hours in the week.

Our job is to make sure they SMILE when they open their package and see what Pink Santa picked out for them this month. Our job is to make them smile with funny emails, FB posts, and text messages.

So every time a happy customer shares how wonderful she feels because of the outfit we curated for her, or the greeting card we sent, or the delightful customer support she has connected with, we know we are doing our job right and the work we’re putting in is worth it.

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