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First Quarter Member Engagement Survey Result

Every quarter, we conduct a Member Engagement Survey and send everyone questions related to Internal Branding, Leadership and Management, Alignment, and Development.

Here’s the result of the survey conducted from January to March 2020.

I. Survey Questions

In our survey last quarter, the questions that received the highest scores are:

  • I am proud to work for Nadine West (4.84)
  • I would recommend Nadine West as a great place to work. (4.83)
  • The leaders at Nadine West keep people informed about what is happening. (4.82)

This was followed by:

  • My direct leader possesses the skills necessary to lead the team to success. (4.72)
  • Day-to-day decisions made demonstrate that quality and improvement are the company’s top priorities. (4.68)

The question with the lowest score, on the other hand, is “I feel that my pay is equivalent to the responsibilities given to me,” (4.34).

II. Member’s Comments

Team members also provide comments on each of the questions they answer. For this survey, the key takeaways from members’ comments include the following:

Internal Branding

  • Invest in continuous learning for contractors

Leadership & Management

  • Make announcements on major changes or updates more timely
  • Improve on new process implementation


  • Consider leveling up or career pathing for contractors
  • Improve the Nadine West website Help Center to answer member’s questions where members can check prior to contacting Customer Support

III. Word Cloud 

Our team members describe Nadine West using the following words:

For this round, we had a response rate of 82% or 59 out of 72 target respondents. Of the total, 42% are from Customer Service, 39% from Styling, 2% from Creative and Marketing,  2% from Engineering & Data Science, 8% from Buying, and 7% from Admin/Product/Recruitment.

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