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Remote Work at Nadine West

Remote work has always been integral to Nadine West. We have had a remote team since Year 1 with our first hire in the Philippines. Sidney and I hired our friend from another project, Shiela Cueno, to help with styling, inventory purchase, customer service, and everything else. 

Shiela built those online teams and then eventually, Marvin Co, took over and started recruiting leaders to take them to the next level.

We’ve always used Basecamp to manage our tasks from the start. There is another great software but we chose it because our two companies are very much alike.

First, Nadine West and Basecamp are not venture backed. We are both customer backed. 

Second, Nadine West and Basecamp are not as concerned about our short-term performance, as we are concerned about building something that is built to last a long time. We don’t have to worry about system disruptions in case of product termination because we know that Basecamp is here to stay. 

Third, Nadine West and Basecamp both depend on remote teams from the very beginning. It is worth noting that Basecamp was created so that 37signals (the original name of the company), which was then a web design firm, could better manage its projects. This somehow explains why Basecamp has been a great software from the time it was launched for commercial use.

We used to have one Basecamp team called “Nadine West”. Since we started, Basecamp has released two new versions, Basecamp 2 and Basecamp 3. Eventually, we upgraded to the latest version and we now have over 100 Basecamp teams and projects with over 100 user accounts. 

Other digital products help our online teams work smoothly. This includes Google Drive which allows us to create documents and spreadsheets that everyone can easily access and organize. Another one is our Order Management System (OMS) which serves as an online database for our inventory.

We’re really grateful to have chosen to have remote teams as we are able to recruit top talents from anywhere in the world. 

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