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The Nadine West Online Team

Everyone in the company knows that many of our team members are remote and their tasks are all done online. But few are familiar with the responsibilities of our online team.  

Nadine West has around seventy online members based in different countries including Philippines, Germany, Russia, Canada, and United States. 

Our Online Team is composed of nine departments such as Buying, Styling, Customer Service, Recruiting, Engineering, Data Science, Marketing, Finance, and Admin. 

Here’s a quick glimpse of how each of these teams function.


The Buying Team has ten members, eight of whom are full-time employees. They are the ones who bring in the beautiful and quality items we send our customers.  

Aside from purchasing clothes and accessories, the Buying Team also ensures that the target costs are met, the orders are shipped on time, and the vendors compensate us for missing or damaged items.


This team has twenty-two members, including two team leaders and seven Quality Team members. Our Styling Team is the one who curates the items and ensures that the package contains exactly what the customer fancies. 

Our stylists work on the tasks assigned by their team leads. Each styled package is checked by the Quality Team who either approve, reject or recommend for restyling. 

This team works hand in hand with the Warehouse who put together the items in our pink packages.

Customer Service

Nadine West’s Customer Service is composed of an Email Team with twenty three members and a Phone Team with four members.

It is the Happiness frontliner of Nadine West whose goal is to investigate and resolve specific issues of our members and to assist customers to ensure their satisfaction.

The CS Email Team resolves tickets within a specified period from the time they are received. Standard Operating Procedures are all outlined ensuring quality and accurate responses when addressing issues.

The CS Phone Team, on the other hand, calls members who left voicemails or sent text messages and their concerns are resolved. 

You surely have read feedback about how awesome our customer service is. Thanks to our CS team members.


We are currently building a recruiting team at the Warehouse but in the Online Team, we have two main recruiters, one in the Philippines and one in Germany.

The responsibilities of the team include administrative tasks related to recruiting and company culture, and managing the feedback surveys.

When we have job openings, they first weed through the applications, find potential hires, and schedule interviews with them. 

Recruiters typically do the initial interviews and serve as our main gatekeepers. If the candidates have solid potential to be effective at the position, recruiters endorse them to the team leaders or the upper management for more interviews.

The Recruiting Team ensures that we have A players in all departments.


Five members based in Russia and Canada comprise our Engineering team.  It uses software to create solutions and systems to deliver pink packages of happiness to customers.

The team lead analyzes opportunities and problems and creates To-dos for the team to implement solutions. A typical day for the team members involves deep work in front of a computer with Basecamp and a code editor.

Data Science and Data Analytics 

There are four members in Data Science and Data Analytics. They are based in Canada, Russia, and Austin (remote). 

The team provides answers to data-related questions from other teams. They deliver those answers as dataclips, spreadsheets, R reports, and Tableau reports. 

Requests from teams for insights and information are directed to the team via To-dos. The teams coordinate, clarify the requests, and work on answers.


Our company’s marketing is run both by a couple of employees from ad agency and Nadine West members. Tasks include Facebook ad campaigns and social media among others.

The marketing team is pretty autonomous. They come up with ad campaigns and deploy them to Facebook and other channels. They monitor and report back on what’s working and what’s not. They receive a daily goal or a daily budget and go make it happen.


Our finance team is really run by one member based in the US, plus a lot of spreadsheets and software to automate as much as possible.

Finance tasks involve mostly routine stuff now, including monthly bookkeeping, payroll, expense reimbursements, and vendor payments. 


The admin team is composed of three permanent members. They take care of any task that doesn’t fall into the regular teams, especially administrative work (thus the name). Assignments come directly from our CEO and CMO. 

A typical day of an admin staff is a mix of routine and new things on a daily basis, especially if we’re diving into new territory or ideas within the company. 

They support reports generation for online and onshore teams as a regular task, then sometimes research far out topics related to marketing, customer service and sometimes even neuroscience. Much of our innovations then have been possible with the help of our Admin Team.  

Now you have a clearer picture of how things are done by our Online Team. I’m sure you’re amazed at the systems they have developed and the crucial role each one of them play for Nadine West. 

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