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Hobbies to stay positive during COVID

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of changes in our lives these days, one of which is forcing us to stay at home and only going out if really necessary.

This freed up so much time that we would have probably spent going out to the movies or shopping or traveling if things were different.

Many of us then turned to some fun activities or hobbies when the lockdowns started. Here are some of what our team members do to relax on their extra time these days.

Finding Inner Peace in 2020 🧘🏽

I have found inner peace while playing this amazing little instrument – Kalimba! 

Kalimba is a modern version of the ancient African Mbira, which is over 1,00 years old. Its sound can literally make a baby sleep and many people are loving this. Aside from it’s being very handy and inexpensive, this can be learned easily!

The kalimba has been by my side since quarantine started. It provides comfort when I feel alone, peace when I am upset, and joy when I share it with others.

Rhemma Poster

Some of my earliest childhood memories include playing with cloth. My mum was a clothing designer back in the day, so her atelier was my playground, haha! 

I’ve always had a great appreciation for all types of fabric. I’ve also been fascinated by anything Indian since I was a little kid. 

When I finally visited India (with Elaine!) a few years ago, I was in fabric heaven. I’ve always had a knack for crafty pursuits, so when the opportunity to take a block printing workshop presented itself, I took it and have been creating my own block printed cloth for the last 3 years. 

Block Printing on fabric is a traditional art form that’s been around for about 4,000 years. I really appreciate being able to share in that tradition in my own little way. The blocks I use are masterfully carved by Indian artisans out of sheesham wood, and just looking at them is a pleasure enough in itself. 

I must say that I really enjoy the methodical aspect of block printing as well as the utilitarian aspect of making something beautiful and useful. Whenever I have free time and I want some stress-relief, I get my blocks and fabric paints and a fresh swathe of cloth to design something on.

The rhythm of stamping once I’ve established a pattern that I’m happy with, brings a feeling of calm to me. It’s almost like meditation in its own way. And the final result always brings a sense of fulfillment.

Anna Vecin

One of the things that I’ve been doing for the past months is food photography. Most of the people here turned to selling food online, having cloud kitchen businesses. I thought maybe I could help some SME’s build their brand using a good quality material.

It started for almost a year now, when a friend had me try her cookies and I loved it so much since I’m a cookie monster. I felt that it deserved a good photo. Without even thinking about it, I started taking pictures and posting them on social media. A lot of people liked it. Since then I always take pictures of food that I think deserves attention. This is especially if it’s like a small business. 

Demi Cabaltera

There are three things I love and enjoy the most these days – coffee, oil pastel drawing, and plants. 

I just can’t get started until I’ve had my first mug of coffee. And with that, I boost my mood in the morning by spending a few minutes caring for my potted plants. Then after a day’s fruitful work, I try to de-stress myself by drawing interesting things using oil pastels. 

Rosemarie Andrade

It’s really hard to see some good right now, and it’s even harder to get inspiration. But, somehow, this pandemic got me rekindling my creative side which I haven’t explored in months. With encouragement from my loved ones, I’ve opened up something that I’ve thought is a locked door. My art side. 

I couldn’t believe how much I wanted to just experiment on lettering, drawing, and painting again. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement but, maybe it is a reminder that there can be beauty despite adversity.

Pam Andrade

Before the lockdown, my husband and I were too busy with our different jobs. Of course we had a little time to clean, but it wasn’t as meticulous as what we’ve accomplished. 

Now that we are being quarantined (with all the strict protocols here and there), we have to work from home. It was a little challenging at first, but we eventually found a way to start – through KonMari method.

From decluttering and repainting the walls, to refurbishing reclaimed woods and placing potted plants – Viola! Finally a better spot to work on! 😊

As Marie Kondo said “Life truly begins after you have put your house in order”. Well, we can definitely attest to that 🙂

Hana Basa

When I was in high school, I came across an article saying that when you’re stressed, look at something green like a picture or a garden. Since then, I look at landscape images or I go to mountain places to relax. 

During this quarantine period, there’s no way for us to travel and that’s what made me interested in making a mini garden in our home. This pandemic has caused stress and anxiety, but looking at plants somewhat diffuses every negative feeling that I have. It boosts my positivity and outlook on life.

Monica Fuerte

One thing I do to cope with stress is learning how to cook. It is difficult for me because I do not have much knowledge on it. But with the help of my family and through research, the food I cook slowly became edible enough for them to finish. It also brings us closer together as a family. 

With cooking, I learn to focus on the present and on the things I can do today. I may not be good at it yet today but with practice and determination, I believe there will be lots of improvements. 

Bryan Mae Flores


It’s uneasy.

It’s uncomfortable. 

It’s a choking-with-anticipation experience.

But in the midst of it all. My husband and I, who are both an outdoor person, found an escape, and climbed the top of the mountain where our house is sitting. 

This photo was taken that day. It reminded me that it’s easy to find beauty in change, you just need to adjust your focus.

Angelie Anne Matic

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