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Nadine West People App

Nadine West will soon have a complete list of all our team members in one single online database. Thanks to our Engineering Team who is currently working on the Nadine West People App.

An important feature of this app will be having a list of all company wide birthdays. The goal of this was to make it as easy as possible for us to wish people a happy birthday and let them know we appreciate them.

Aside from upcoming birthdays, the NW app will also inform the team members about any upcoming 1-on-1’s, which goal is to promote regular monthly 1-on-1’s between managers and their teams.

Everyone dislikes useless meetings, which is why we avoid them at Nadine West, however 1-on-1’s are very important for building a strong team. They allow us to connect with the team, collect suggestions and feedback, and improve the team’s performance.

At present, we use various spreadsheets for tracking tons of information and this app will help us become more organized and efficient.

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