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Valentine’s Day Contest

Last month, our online teams held a movie poster contest in lieu of a Valentine’s Day celebration.

They recreated their favorite love story by dressing up as their favorite movie characters.

And as the entries were submitted one by one, the other team members couldn’t help posting comments and emoticons. 

I could already imagine how fun it would be if the Nadine West team could actually gather together and hold these contests and other games. 

What I love even more is how supportive our team members’ families are in our activities. 

Many of the movie posters feature more than one character and our members’ loved ones happily posed with them. 

Sharing with you the posters submitted by our team members, starting with the winners.

Congratulations!! And thanks to everyone who joined the contest.


1st Place: Queen

2nd Place: Danise

3rd Place: Angela

3rd Place: Cassandrea

Buying Team

1. Emmie

2. Anna Katrina

Customer Service Team

1. Hana

2. Rhyle

Movie: Dear John

3. Rhemma

Movie: Beauty and the Beast

4. Ava

Movie: Beauty and the Beast

5. Marian

Styling Team

1. Henrietta

2. Irish

3. Elaine

4. Dayanara

5. Danise

6. Ma. Cristina

7. Mia Rey

8. Fleriza Belle

9. Angela Joy

10. Marinella

11. Kathleen

12. Daisy

13. Helen

14. Fhebie

15. Shirley

16. Patricia

17. Shiela May

18. Genevieve

19. Queen

20. Charmaine

21. Cate

22. Angelie

23. Pamela

24. Bryan

25. Joyce

26. Apple

27. Roselle

28. Monique

29. Cassandrea

30. Deceree

31. Vina Joyce

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