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Top Performer Awards

We just love how Nadine West becomes 1% better every single day, especially during an extremely challenging time.

We want to make sure that all these efforts are recognized, so we are now giving awards to our top performers.

For now, the teams that are giving awards include Styling, Customer Service, and Warehouse teams. Our Buying Team gives an award only for perfect attendance for now, as they identify their key performance indicators.

Below is a list of the awards. Most of them are given on a regular basis, either monthly or quarterly. Although some of them will be given once a year.

CS Monthly Awards and Recognition

  • My customer is my best friend award! – HIGHEST Happiness Score
  • The Flash – Most members helped
  • The VIP Saves Queen – Highest Save Rate for VIPs
  • I-make-the-NON-VIPs-feel-like-VIPs award – Highest Save Rate for NONVIPs
  • The Credit Guru – Agent with highest credit instead of refund percentage
  • Best Team Captain (from the SMEs)

Styling Monthly Awards and Recognition

  • The Renaissance man/woman – The stylist that is able to hit a 5 on all metrics
  • The Born salesman/woman –  Highest keep rate
  • The Roadrunner – Fastest Styles per hour
  • The treasure hunter – Highest lines/ items per day
  • Most reliable – perfect attendance and always willing to help
  • Miss Congeniality – Friendliest to everyone

Warehouse Monthly Awards and Recognition

  • The Rockstar – Top Performer
  • Never Missed a Beat – Perfect Attendance
  • Rising Star – New employee that exceeds all expectations
  • DJ of the Month – Employee who’s playlist gets the team dancing
  • Ray of Sunshine Award – Boosts spirits and brings a smile to everyone

Other Regular Awards

Aside from those mentioned above, each team may also give the following awards:

  • The MVP Award – Best performer per team
  • Diamond Award aka Most Improved — A new hire who really stepped up fast, or someone who was struggling but turned it around.
  • The Extra Mile Award
  • The Early Bird

Special Awards

These awards can be given once a year:

  • The Cutting-Edge Award – Most Innovative
  • Mountain Mover/Mission Impossible Award – Can accomplish anything
  • The Fire Extinguisher – Can extinguish any problem
  • ToolBox/MacGyver Award – Can fix anything: PCs, Software
  • 1 Percent Better Award – Always leveling-up
  • The Growth Driver – Aside from the team leads, they best help team members grow
  • The Team Player – Someone who works well in a team
  • The Growth Mindset Award – Someone who’s willing to try new things and grow despite the possibility of failure
  • The Motivator
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