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Unbagging Videos

In this August 2020 blog post, we shared with you some of our favorite Nadine West unbagging videos over the years. It even includes videos created as early as 2015, or merely two years after Nadine West was born.

It’s really inspiring to see our members happily show the items in their pink bags to their followers. 

So we again compiled a few unbagging videos uploaded recently to find out what our members think about their Nadine West bags.

Mid-Life Mamacita

This unbagging video is from Cristina who features different subscription boxes and hauls, not just of clothing but also of beauty and lifestyle products. 

According to Cristina, “I personally like it a little bit better than the other ones because there’s just more of a variety.” 

Check out her 18th unbagging video of a Nadine West pink bag here.

The Pink Envelope

This channel has been online for quite a while now. Based on the description page, Samantha is in love with subscription boxes. She features so many types of subscription boxes–from home decor to gadgets, skin care and clothing.

In this video, Samantha featured her Nadine West bag together with other subscription boxes. And guess what her verdict is. According to Samantha,

“I have officially decided, I do recommend Nadine West!”

To watch only the part about Nadine West, jump to 13:43 on this video.

Steph West

This unboxing video by Steph is definitely my favorite. She really enjoyed checking out the items she received in this bag. 

You have to see the look on her face when she said, “This is so fun!”

Don’t you just love seeing how happy our members are about their Nadine West bags? Of course, this won’t be possible without the help of everyone in the team. Thank you for being part of Nadine West!

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