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Nadine West Unbagging Videos

In this blog, we’d like to share with you some of our favorite Nadine West unboxing videos over the years. Read on to see what they say about us and watch their videos.

Jen Luvs Reviews

This is one of the first unbagging videos we found on Youtube. A fashion vlogger named Jen excitedly showed the items she received from us in this video that was posted in 2015. There is something big that Jen does not like about Nadine West. According to her:

“That’s the big thing about Nadine West that I don’t like. They send you super cute stuff that I feel like I have to buy everything every time they send me stuff. So it gets really expensive for me because I can’t say no because I like the stuff so much.”

Well, that sounds like a compliment! But more than that, Jen assured her viewers that:

I just want to show you this because it’s a great service and the people there are super duper uber nice.”


A fashion vlogger named Gina, found out about Nadine West through Jen’s Channel and became interested. She decided to sign up and quickly liked our service.

In this video, Gina shows the items she received from her second Nadine West bag. How did she find the items?

“This month, I actually kept everything…Altogether, these items that I did receive from Nadine West were very impressive.” -Gina

Tiffany Dawn

Here’s another unboxing of a Nadine West package, this time from Tiffany Dawn, who calls us a “fun clothing subscription service.” She liked most of the items in this bag a lot. Check out what she received in this video, which was uploaded in 2018.

Katie Shindig

In this video, Katie Shindig first shared her answers in the style quiz so that her viewers could have an idea of our sign up process before going through the items she received.

For Katie, our prices are very reasonable and the quality is good. And according to her:

“It’s my favorite clothing subscription box and I’ve tried a lot.”

Isn’t that awesome?

Face and Fashions

And, in this video that was uploaded just last February, Sheila said, “I might be in trouble”. Why is that? Well, she liked the jewelry items in this bag so much. Watch her unboxing video and see how she couldn’t decide which ones to keep!

These videos definitely give us an idea how our members feel when opening their packages. I’m sure you enjoyed these unbagging videos and became more inspired to keep sending them happiness in a pink package.

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