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May Awardees

Customer Service Team

Refund Team MVP (Score: 4.05): Kevin 

Save Cancels MVP (Score: 4.30): Chatterly 

General Support MVPs (Score: 5.00): 

  • Kamille
  • Jadeberry
  • Ella
  • Tiffany

Special awardees:

My customer is my best friend award! 91% Happiness Score with 239 ratings: Glachelle

The Flash! 2,894 members helped: Rhemma

The VIP Saves Queen! 33.33% VIP Save rate: Chatterly

I-make-the-NON-VIPs-feel-like-VIPs award! 19.55% NON-VIP Save rate: Katherine

The Credit Guru! 47.08% credit conversion: Charles

Best Team Captain (Score: 4.04)

  • Janis
  • Jaymie

Top QA (Score: 5.00): Marianne



The Roadrunner (styled the most shipments)
Fhebie Navarro with 3973 styled shipments at 26 shipments per hour

The treasure hunter- Highest lines/ items per day
Marinella Diane Saddi at 1883 units per day on average

The Born salesman/woman-  Highest keep rate per client category

  • New (38.24%) – Kathleen Paguio
  • Reg (25.48%) – Daisy Saddi
  • Previp (43. 44%) – Kristin Saddi
  • VIP (37.16%) – Warqueen Apanto

Highest team captain attainment
Roselle at 64.47% attainment average

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