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Halloween Poster Making Contest

Halloween is becoming our online teams’ favorite theme for the quarterly competitions. 

Last year, we held the Fearsome Fashion Contest, where team members submitted their pictures wearing Halloween costumes. 

We were surprised by everyone’s creativity and this year is no different.

But instead of wearing costumes, everyone was encouraged to make a poster of an imaginary film. A picture of themselves had to be in the poster and they had to submit a synopsis of the film.

Below are some of the nominees and, of course, the winners of this competition.


Customer Service


For a very long time, a cursed mask always brought its horror and threat at the footstep of every household during the first of November. Whenever it comes out, this only means one life should be sacrificed for each family. 

Ruth, a nurse in their small hometown, has witnessed a lot of victims being rushed to the hospital in the hope of saving them. She can see the traces of the mask in their faces, with dark lines spreading wildly consuming their flesh while blood flows relentlessly. 

It was such a depressing scene to witness their loud cries and wailing while she’s trying to revive them. Still, no one survives. It was tiring and hopeless yet she’s still grateful it was not her family. 

But no one can really tell who’s next, because one fateful night, she went home only to see her family in terror of the mask in front of them. Without hesitation, she grabbed the mask and put it on. It was the very first time someone has voluntarily sacrificed a life. Can her pure heart break the curse of this mask? Can her love for her family allow her to survive even if it means fighting for her last breath?


Agatha, the widowed woman, claimed that she sees and hears ghosts in her apartment. She initially thought that the new servants were playing tricks with her, but chilling events and visions made her believe something supernatural had occurred. I’m her home – something dark summoned the blue moon, something evil reign, Agatha’s dark side begins to emerge.


What if your closest friend invited you to spend the week away from the concrete jungle, to a Barrio with a simple life and without all the noise and chaos of the city?

Portia, stressed and longing for a breath of Fresh air, couldn’t say no. Little did she know that she would turn out to be the main course of the village.



A beautiful yet lonely goddess turned into a pitiful cursed villain as anger overpowered her. Her sweet smile turned into a terrible grin as she looked for every happy family. The total change in her personality happened when the love of her life abandoned her. From then on, she assured herself that no one will experience a “happily ever after”.


This is the story of a 7 year-old girl, Selene Robles. She’s living peacefully with her mother and father who are still mourning for the loss of her twin. She and her twin, Luna, were very much alike physically. Luna died and so Selene was forced to move on and leave all her twin’s memories behind. Years passed, Selene became a successful fashion consultant at the age of 23. 

Her mother and father died, and she needed to move back to their old house as it was the only thing that was left to her by her parents. However, a nightmare starts to creep in her dreams at night. Vivid images of events are haunting her. These dreams showed how her parents, friends, neighbors and acquaintances one by one died in front of her twin sister, who was covered with blood. With heavy breathing, she always finds herself awakened because of a long loud scream. THIS IS WHAT SHE KNOWS.


SHE DIDN’T KNOW that she’s the one who murdered all those people: her parents, her friends, her neighbors, her relatives and even her twin sister. That all her nightmares happened in reality. She mistakenly identified herself as her twin in her dreams. She’s always copying her sister, Luna, from how Luna talked, how Luna laughed, how Luna dressed. Everything is a CTRL V of her behavior. SHE DIDN’T KNOW that she did not leave the memories of her twin behind, it became part of her. She thought that she was already long ago separated from her twin’s shadow. SHE DOESN’T KNOW that she is INSEPARABLE from her as they are connected body, mind, and soul. Because of this, she developed a mental disease that even HERSELF. IS NOT. AWARE.

SO BEWARE. People always say trust no one but yourself. But the question is, how far do you know yourself?


An archaeologist obsessed with finding new species stumbled upon a lost kingdom in the heart of a desert. Upon exploring the bizarre discovery, he saw a crystal that he could sell for millions. However, it melted after he touched it, revealing a woman who called herself a princess and insisted that her castle was nearby and she was partying the night before he came. The archeologist runs to the exit only to be stopped by soldiers that were not there before. Now unable to escape, he and the princess must solve the mystery that is surrounding the kingdom.


In 1820, paranormal investigators and demonologists Amy and James Veron are summoned to the home of Martha and Roger Monteclaro. The Monteclaro family recently moved into a secluded farmhouse where  a supernatural presence has made itself known. Though the manifestations are relatively benign at first, events soon escalated in horrifying fashion, especially after Veron discovered the history of the house.


This is a horrifying tale of a ‘woman’  and her apothecary, passed down from generations, for almost a century and a half. Tourists flock the small town just to buy her ointments that more often than not, cures all aches and pains.    

Little do they know the witch lurks in the woods kidnapping innocent and vulnerable children to boil them for her medicines that the people love so much… bwahahahhaha


Banished from Sotek Quessir (World of Elves) and disguising herself as a mortal, a hundred year old Elf seeks revenge at the mortal realm to hunt for 50 pure souls of humans in order to regain her power.


A woman was too invested in working for long hours in front of her computer without knowing how she became blinded because of her sudden peculiar obsession. Mistaken as a simple all-nighter by her colleagues, she would never stop working until she gets things done. Will she ever revert back to her old self? Or will she become a self-made digital monster who will haunt your online shopping apps? But until you know the answer, don’t ever stare at her strained eyes, or else…


This is the story of an old woman who is lurking in the deep of the forest, hunting loud campers and making them a sacrifice to the devils.

She craves for the loud cries and screams from the pain of her torture that no one can ever imagine. The suffering from the innocent campers gives energy and strength to the black magic she and the devils are sharing.


After stumbling upon a mysterious cult-like ceremonial ground on her nightly run through the neighborhood, paranormal activities started occurring in her home. Night after night, she feels this strong demonic entity constantly following her, trying to make itself known. But as she struggles to fight against this apparition, she is consumed by it. The seemingly innocent girl-next-door turned into this modern-day Atahsaia — a cannibalistic demon of the Zuni people, a Native American tribe. This paved the way for it to freely pursue its demonic purpose in the living realm, hunting, torturing, and feeding on human flesh.


Customer Service

3rd Place:  Ella

Yla’s best friend went missing after their reunion party. The only clue she left was a piece of torn picture with the initials N.C. After a few leads and more clues, she found herself in a situation no one would ever wish for — to be listed as the notorious serial killer with a mask of a cat, Neko-Chan.

2nd Place:  Joanne

Mary Anne, a flight stewardess and one of the survivors of a plane crash in Bangalore was declared comatose. Her husband, Ryan, who’s been cheating even before the accident, takes this as a “sign” that he is finally free. Ryan and Amanda (the mistress) flew to Amsterdam with high hopes of living peacefully together. Will Mary Anne allow this to happen since her physical body is resting in a hospital bed? Or will her spirit take the lead so the two can feel her bittersweet revenge?


When a group of teens in financial ruin decided to rob the local antique store, they discovered an old wooden tomb containing an ancient witch’s corpse and an ancient amulet. But what they didn’t realize is that the tomb is cursed, and when the amulet is separated from it’s master, she will do anything to get it back. The burglars must save the day and return the witch to it’s tomb before it is too late to save the world.


3rd Place: Chloe

A well-known laboratory kidnaps people to validate the result of their vaccine for curing an unknown brain disease. A girl in a small town in North America was the chosen one–a victim of a scientific experiment that made her become a monster. The study wasn’t successful. Instead of improving her cells, they called her “Reject”.

2nd Place: Mae

A girl wishing to be very attractive and have all the good things gambles with the dark spirit residing in the mirror. Little did she know that the consequences she’s going to face is having her soul being trapped inside.


A psychic investigator was called to help solve a murder that has gone cold a couple of years ago. What seemed to be a simple case, has gone more sinister, turn, after turn, after turn. Leading a path towards her.

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