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August Awardees

Customer Service Team

Refund Team MVP: Charles

Save Cancels MVP: Marian

General Support MVPs: Nikki

Special awardees:

My customer is my best friend award!
Jayson (94% Happiness Score with 155 ratings)

The Flash
Reggie (2,915 members helped)

The VIP Saves Queen
Marian (43.68% VIP Save rate)

I-make-the-NON-VIPs-feel-like-VIPs award
Katherine (21.06% NON-VIP Save rate)

The Credit Guru
Donna (52.18% credit conversion)

Best Team Captains

Top QA

Styling Team

The treasure hunter (highest lines/ items per day)

  • Monique (New members) at 2009 units per day
  • Fhebie (VIP, Pre-VIP, Reg) at 1847 units per day

The Born salesman/woman (highest keep rate per client category)

  • New- 33.24% keep rate – Kathleen
  • VIP- 29.62% keep rate – Marieta
  • Previp- 31.88% keep rate – Pamela
  • Reg- 23.34% keep rate – Genevieve

Highest captain team attainment

Roselle at 65.33% attainment average

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