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Learning and using NW systems

In our June 2020 Team update, I mentioned that we started Nadine West with the goal of making it last. From the very beginning, we created good systems and will continue to do so.

Had a nice chat with Carl about these systems recently and thought of asking him what he has learned so far and what he thinks about our processes.

Sharing with you our short conversation below.

Ben: Carl, just curious, what are some of the NW systems that you use and like?

Basecamp, definitely. It’s good since almost everything is centralized in a single system. It’s simple, very interactive, and transparent.

Next, of course, is the E-checklist! It can’t get any simpler than this.

I also like how we organize files. When there’s a need to create a file–like pdfs, google sheets– we make sure to save it to the appropriate shared drive, visible to the right people.

After creating the file, we link it to the docs section of the right basecamp to be organized.

That’s the beauty of Basecamp. In the future, when you need to look for it, you can just easily search a keyword in the whole of BC and for sure you’ll find it in one of the search results!

Ben: Can you describe a typical work day using our systems?

Open up your E-checklist! There you’ll find what to do today.

My morning one includes checking, updating, and adjusting due dates on existing to-do’s. Of course, you gotta prioritize based on urgency and importance.

My afternoon checklist includes the same tasks that I do weekly and answering auto check-ins. For example, every Monday I have to submit reports for Returns and Packing teams. Tuesday I have to update Inspection and Receiving teams and so on.

It’s important to note that you may never get to do them as scheduled within the day because you’ll get Viber and Basecamp messages that are urgent, especially in my case as I assist Sidney everyday.

But that’s the great thing with E-checklists! Tick off things you’ve done and the unticked boxes tell you exactly where you left off. Simple but allows you to be really effective.

Also, utilize your Basecamp To-Do’s for one-off tasks that you were assigned during the day so you really won’t forget them. You can go back and organize them before you end your day so the next morning you’ll know which tasks you need to prioritize.

Ben: Great. So, how has using systems at NW helped you?

I mentioned simplicity so frequently because it’s really nice to be using a system that helps you achieve your goal – which is to accomplish your daily tasks – without the need to jump around different tools and overthink stuff.

The approach is very NW! 20% time spent but the impact is HUGE!

Ben: Imagine we don’t use, say, the e-checklist, what do you think could happen?

Not having an e-checklist is equal to chaotic, undisciplined, disorganized! LOL

The E-checklist puts you on track, it always allows you to visualize how your day is going and gives visibility to other folks too.

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