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How awesome is our Customer Service Team?

It’s no secret that our members love Nadine West customer service. We usually see comments on Facebook talking about their great experience with our Customer Service team.

But it looks like we ain’t seen nothing yet until we get a glimpse of the reviews they receive.

We thought everyone would be inspired to read them so we’re sharing them with you. (And take note that these are just from February!)

Addressed all my concerns and went above and beyond 
what I requested to make me feel valued.

The support is super awesome and really makes me feel like family 
I love it here

Love how you guys are at Nadine West. It’s lovely!

Excellent customer service. 
Great leadership qualities in this one here Nadine!

One on one human customer service is very important to me. 
You guys are great with your customer and I appreciate it!

Mary-Lyn went above and beyond and 
responded to my email inquiry in LESS than 10 minutes!

Amazing! I’m continually impressed with the speed of response! 
Just in awe. Thank you!

Thank you for understanding the issue. 
Your customer service was wonderful. 
Plus I felt you listened to my needs.

It’s all that a consumer can really ask for.
To be heard and to feel appreciated 
and a business not wanting to lose a customer.
Christine’s service was excellent!

Thank you so much for always looking out for us

I appreciate the prompt response and caring interest in my predicament.
So many companies don’t value their clients enough to even respond.
Your responses to me have now guaranteed that I will be using your services in the future.

Super helpful human. 
Quick response so lovely to chat with, no stressful waiting.

Love your company and that we can talk to you. 
Other companies similar are so much that you can not
get through to a person.

It is awesome that everyone works as a team 
to get messages where they need to be! 
Thank you for your help!

Very quick reply so refreshing to actually have someone 
that cares about customer service

it’s very nice to get a response back so quickly … 
I think I’m going to love Nadine West

Ty so much for understanding! ♥️😊
I really appreciate!! You’ll are awesome ♥️😘!! I feel like family !!

Very pleased and satisfied with my Nadine West 
brand new shopping friendship! 
Responses are spot on and immediate. Thanks Everyone!

Lorelie was amazing! 
I received detailed instructions on how to solve my problem, 
quick response, and impeccable customer service!

The reps are really fast at getting back to you. 
And when you are having issues with anything, 
just shoot them an e mail and they will help you out as soon as possible.

Love nadine west! Always great customer service. Always satisfied.

Wow! I actually got a super fast response to a complaint! 
What other company responds this quickly! Great job! Thank you!!

I have never had such fast service in my life.
The service I received was awesome. 
There are not very many businesses that would change your payment date for you and try their best to help you out. 
I am very happy with everything about this company. 
Thank you very much NADINE West

She did amazing.
I appreciate everyone I’ve talked too so far through your company 
they have all been so amazing and kind and respectful! 
Thank you so much for being such an amazing company! 🙂

Nadine had the best team! 
Always very prompt in responding and they truly care about the customer!

Anytime I have a question, I get a prompt reply. 
Always a pleasure dealing with Nadine West. 
I cringe when I have to contact customer service, It’s always a struggle. 
Love Nadine West.

I am always pleased to communicate with the Nadine family. 
They are always pleasant and understanding. 
These are the kind of people you want to know.

Super fast response and gave me all the info 
I asked for in a very professional way. 
Very pleased! Thank you!

The customer service I received in regards to 
cancelling / pausing my subscription was superb! 
I received a response to my emails almost immediately 
with different options of solutions I could choose from. 
Kudos to Nadine West for having a great customer service team.

Absolutely wonderful. Thank you.

Very quick and efficient. Polite in the response and very friendly.

Love the personal attention to everything

Extremely helpful and friendly!!

My experience with Nadine West was extremely fun, 
they were very fair and understanding about my needs, 
always polite and overall a great experience with a great company. 
I wish them much success.

Super quick and helpful customer service. 
I’m so pleased! Thank you!

A great place to have my business. 
They work out any problems you have. Thanks

Short sweet and to the point. Very understanding

Expedient, personable, knowledgeable

Outstanding customer service as always! 
The best I have ever dealt with and
 it makes the Nadine West brand shine brighter than ever. 
It truly is a pleasure doing business with Nadine West and 
I’ll shout it from the rooftops to anyone that will listen.

It was great! You all have been so nice! 
The best Customer Service yet.

My situation has been fully resolved to my satisfaction and
I look forward to being a customer of Nadine West for a very long time!!!

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