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First Quarter Member Engagement Survey Result

The result of the first quarter member engagement survey is now out. Check out what our team members say about Nadine West.

I. Survey Questions

In our survey last quarter, the questions that received the highest scores are:

  • I am proud to work for Nadine West. (4.78)
  • I have access to the tools and learning resources I need to do my job well. (4.75)
  • My direct leader possesses the skills necessary to lead the team to success. (4.73)

The questions with the lowest score this round are:

  • I rarely think about looking for a job at another company. (4.4)
  • The current systems and processes here have made us more effective as a team. (4.58)

II. Member’s Comments

For this survey, the key takeaways from members’ comments include the following:

Internal Branding

  • I love what I am doing and will always be proud of being part of NW.
  • Looking to grow with Nadine. <3
  • I am so content working here not just because I am working at home but because I love NW.

Leadership and Management

  • Ms. H is so good and passionate about what she is doing and I really look up to her.
  • YES! We always have regular 1 on 1 coaching to improve our work.


  • Everyone is always appreciated for doing a great job.
  • I commend the management team, especially Ms Elaine, for the work well done.


  • Thank you Nadine West as I am able to look after my kids and the culture here is not toxic. Thank you for providing us with great leaders.
  • Ms Roselle is my best team leader. She helps me a lot.

Some of the suggestions from the team members last quarter include:

  • Needs to improve process update.
  • It would also be great to have team building activities someday. Conferences are also ideal in the near future as the company continues to grow.
  • More incentive and recognition.

III. Word Cloud 

Our team members describe Nadine West using the following words:

For this round, we had a response rate of 78% or 113 out of 145 target respondents.

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